Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1932 Art Deco Royal Doulton Trio

1932 Art Deco Royal Doulton Trio

Now this is one funky trio! Made in 1932, this art deco piece packs a lot of punch. The name of this pattern is unknown, but it can be dated to 1932 from the ‘D’ number 5202. The pattern features what appear to be yellow and red bell flowers hanging down from a green vine.

Name: Unknown

Make: Bone China

Date of Manufacture: 1932

Introduction Date: Unknown

Obsolete Date: Unknown

China Number: Unknown

Royal Doulton No: Unknown


  1. Hi, this is Patricia from P.O. Designs, I have been following your quilt blog for sometime, here and also at the "Old" blog.
    Had not heard from you for such a long time, so started looking and found this blog. Your china is beautiful, love them all.

  2. This reminds me of an old pattern from the time period I have from R.D. - 'harebell'. I keep trying to find more to add to my colection but to no avail.