Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1934 Tango Royal Doulton Trio

1934 Tango Royal Doulton Trio

This is a classic art deco design by Royal Doulton. Tango is a sought after pattern produced by Royal Doulton during the art deco period. There have been many variations to the Tango pattern, some being rarer to find than others. This example features the classic art deco pointed handle, with a gold and black design. This Tango trio features the ‘V’ number 1481 on the bottom in black paint. ‘V’ numbers were almost always used after 1927 on ivory tinted china. The 7 on the bottom indicates it was made in 1934.

Name: Tango

Make: Fine Bone China

Date of Manufacture: 1934

Introduction Date:

Obsolete Date:

‘V’ China Number: 1481

Royal Doulton No: Unkown


  1. This is my to die for pattern. I've bid on a couple of these and they always go for hundreds of dollars. Sad!

  2. Whoops so I just got way overexcited in a bidding war over three of these teacups on ebay... I just had to WIN!!! And now it turns out that I'm the proud owner of one trio in this pattern. I am banning myself from ebay for a while now!

  3. great blog. I have never seen these art deco styles from royal doulton, they are so great! thanks!

  4. I have a similar set without plates - made 4 years later with rounded handles and demitasse size -55x60mm
    Is this of interest?