Tuesday, October 6, 2009

c.1923 ‘Fuschia’ Royal Doulton Trio

c.1923 ‘Fuschia’ Royal Doulton Trio

This art nouveau pattern is called Fuschia. This trio is dated c.1923 and was produced by Royal Doulton. The pattern itself displays a stunning example of Fuschia buds in bloom. The pattern is finished off with gold gilding around the edges of the china.

Name: Fuschia

Make: Bone China

Date of Manufacture: c.1923

Introduction Date: Unknown

Obsolete Date: Unkown

‘H’ China Number: Unknown

Royal Doulton No: 405616


  1. Hi Sam, my dear grandfriend, whom was aged in her nineties had a set of these. She informed me it was given to her parents and dates back to ca 1910 or older. The pattern looks more distinctly Art Nouveau than Art Deco. Can you tell me where you located the date of manufacture? Kindest regards.